About the Department

Message from the Chair

As you will see, we are a small but diverse department with a variety of degree and certificate options at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. If you want to undertake German language studies, from beginning to advanced, please look us over.

If you want to study German film, or fin-de-siecle Vienna, or ethnic diversity in today’s German-speaking countries, we probably have something to offer you. If children’s literature is of interest to you, or Goethe, or Kafka, or German-Jewish relations, or the history of German cultural politics in Wilhemine, Germany, we have courses and curricular options on which to build a program of study. 

We invite you to consider joining our internationally diverse group, which in recent years has included students from Bulgaria, China, Germany, Hungary, Romania, and even the United States.

Why Study German at Pitt?

Academic and Cultural Diversity, Innovative Instruction, World-Class Faculty, Individualized Mentoring and Training, Dynamic Intellectual Atmosphere.

Contact Us

Here's a listing of some key personnel in our department.  Please note that during the summer (from early May to mid-August), many faculty may be out of town. For a prompt response during this period, please direct all inquiries to the general German Department address (grmndept@pitt.edu), phone number, or e-mail listed on the attached page.

Give to German

Gifts to the Department of German have a direct impact on the daily lives of students and are applied in a variety of ways.