Beyond Angela Merkel's Foot steps? Exploring German Foreign Policy Toward Russia and Ukraine

March 22, 2022 - 5:30pm
The conditions on the Ukrainian border and throughout Europe are rapidly changing. Peace and security in Europe are in doubt and the reach of diplomacy seems to be limited. Often overlooked in the US media, Germany plays a key role in the decision-making process on the ground, given her status as an economic engine and primary trading partner with Ukraine and Russia. Germany's new government has to balance its policies between contradicting aims of history, politics, civil foreign policy, and the EU, as an emerging international power. Timm Beichelt from the European University Viadrina will offer insights into the interests, motivations, and decisions of the key players in German foreign policy regarding Russia and Ukraine.
Professor Timm Beichelt is Director of the Institute for European Studies at the European University Viadrina. Positioned on the borders of Germany and Poland, Viadrina is a vibrant center for the analysis of European dynamics, and the Institute has deep connections to Poland, Ukraine, and many other European countries. Professor Beichelt has published extensively on European Studies and Europeanization processes. His most recent book is forthcoming in English translation: Homo Emotionalis. On Feelingsin Politics(2022). For
his book Deutschland in Europa (Springer VS, 2015), he worked as an embedded researcher in the German Foreign Ministry for several months.