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John Davidson, Director of Film Studies at Ohio State University

John Davidson, Ohio State U.

Apr. 5-8, 2010.  Professor Davidson presented a public lecture "The Window of Cinema" and presented three graduate seminars on Cinematic Modernism.

Suzanna Crage, Assistant Professor of Sociology

Suzanna Crage

Jan. 22, 2010.  Work-in-Progress Series - "The Importance of Place for Refugee Aid Policymaking in Berlin, 1981-2004.

sabrow Lecture and Seminar: Alexandar Nehamas (Princeton)

"Because it was He, Because it was I: the Good of Friendship" November 20, 2009.


Film: Blueprint - Blaupause, 2004

November 17, 2009.


Light / The Holocaust & Humanity Project

Nov. 12-15. A ballet that follows one person’s journey from suffering to salvation based on the Holocaust. Visit event Web site.


Remembrances of Kristallnacht

Nov 11. With survivor Fritz Ottenheimer, followed by a showing of the documentary Film Cinema’s Exiles: from Hitler to Hollywood. See details.


Lecture: Lucy Fisher (University of Pittsburgh Department of English)

"German Jewish Immigrants and Their Connection to the American Film Industry"  November 10, 2009.

Portrait of Prof. Harris-Schenz

Lecture: Beverly Harris-Schenz (University of Pittsburgh)

"The Use of Comic Books in Teaching the Holocaust"  November 5, 2009. 

Day-Long workshop at the Holocaust Center for teachers exploring Education in the Third Reich.

November 2, 2009.


Film: Hitlerjunge Quex, 1933

Oct. 29. Early Nazi-propaganda film intended to extol the value of the Hitler Youth organization and recruit new members. See details.

Lecture: Martin Sabrow (Director of the Center for Contemporary History - Humbolt University, Berlin)

Lecture on the Memory of the GDR among East and West Germans 20 years after the end of Communism.  October 6, 2009.


Film: Pünktchen und Anton, 1998

September 15, 2009.


Spring 2009 Film Series: Germany on the Move

Feb 23: Nachtgestalsten//Night Shapes (1998)

Mar 2: Full Metal Village: So macht Landwirtschaft Spaß (2006)

Mar 16: Call Cutta: All Human Beings are Born Free and Equal//Alle

Menschen sind freiund gleich... (2007)

Mar 23: "Aus dem Archiv der Kurzfiltage Oberhausen"  Shorts from Oberhausen, Black Box versus White Cube

Mar 30:  "Aus dem Archiv der Kurzfiltage Oberhausen"  Oberhausen 2 Music videos from the Oberhausen Short Film Festival

Apr 6: Lutz Dammbeck, Films and Media Collages 1975-1986

Apr 13:  Erkennen und verfolgen// War at a Distance (2003)

Play: "Outside Inn" by Andreas Jungwith

Sept 14-16, 2008

Conference:  "Interzone EU: Crossroads of Migration" 

Feb 22, 2008


Film: Klassenfart (2002)

Feb 4, 2008


Film: Schwarzfarhrer (1993)

Jan 28, 2008

Work-in-Progress Series: Zsuzsa Horvath, Ph.D. Candidate

"Goethe's Wilhelm Meisters Lehrjare and the History of Reading" Apr 13, 2007.

Auf der Schwelle zur Oper

Vorbehalt des Möglichen in Ernst Jandls, Sprechoper Aus der Fremde

Jörg Wesche  (Harvard/Ausburg) Apr 5, 2007.

International Conference: After the Avant-garde: European Experiments with the Moving Image

Mar 30-31, 2007.

Work-in-Progress Series: Professor Klaus Post

"Rilkes 'Neue Gedichte' zwischen Tradition und Moderne"  Mar 28, 2007.

Work-in-Progress Series: Boryana Dobreva, Ph.D. Candidate

"Balkan Ghosts, Migrant Stories.  Eastern European Identities Reconfigured."  Feb 23, 2007.


Experimental, Underground, Revolutionary Avant-garde Films from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland Series

Brutalität in Stein. Die Ewigkeit von Gestern (1960)

Porträt einer Bewährung (1964)

Die Patriotin (1979)

Machorka Muff (1963)

Die Chronik der Anna Magdalena Bach (1967)

Madeline (1963)

Selbstschüsse (1967)

Jüm-Jüm (1970)

Adolf Winkelmann, Kassel, 9.12.1967, 11.45h (1970)

Same Player Shoots Again (1968)

Polly (1968)

Kaskara (1974)

Empor (1978)

Nachtwache (1976)

Rohfilm (1968)

January 24 - February 7, 2007.

Work-in-Progress Series: Professor John B. Lyon

"Dynamic Places in Fontaine's 'Irrungen Wirrungen'" Jan 19, 2007.