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University of Pittsburgh

MA Degree

Master of Arts Degree

The MA degree normally requires two years of study. In certain exceptional cases the department may admit students who intend to complete their MA degree in one academic year. The requirements for the MA degree include 30 credits of graduate seminars (24 within the department) and an MA project (up to three credits of GER 2000). All seminars counting toward the MA must be taken for letter grades. With the approval of the graduate director, six of the 30 seminar credits may be taken outside the department. Students pursuing approved certificate programs have a lower departmental seminar requirement. All teaching assistants/fellows must successfully pass German 2970 as a basis for continuing financial support as a teaching assistant or fellow.

MA students who wish to continue for the PhD may be exempted from the MA project requirement provided they have taken at least one of their graduate seminars at the 3000 level and petitioned the faculty to substitute three additional credits of course work for the MA project. Students writing the MA project should select an advisor by the end of their second term. The completed paper (about 35–50 pages) should be submitted during the week following the spring term recess to the faculty advisor.

In addition to the satisfactory completion of courses (B average), students must demonstrate a high level of proficiency in writing both German and English by submitting for departmental approval at least one paper written in German and one paper written in English. They must also demonstrate reading proficiency in an additional language by the end of their last term of study. The language may be either one taught in secondary schools, or one central to the German cultural traditions, or one related to a student’s research interest.