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Ljudmila Bilkić, PhD Candidate

In addition to calling Boston their home for over fifteen years, Ljudmila’s family is grounded on all territories that span the former Yugoslavia.  An avid painter and fan of steampunk fashion as well as the age-old skill of tattooing, Ljudmila holds a BA from Middlebury College, an MA from the University of Pittsburgh, and is currently working towards obtaining her Doctor of Philosophy in German Studies with a concentration on film.  Ljudmila’s intellectual interests focus on challenging the designations attributed to the act of migration since the early 1990s.  Of particular interest are new-media works such as video essays and experimental documentaries that map the phenomena of both legal and illegal [im]migration within the imagined and consistently changing borders of Europe.  In her dissertation, Ljudmila develops a framework that recognizes a yet unidentified trend regarding the depiction and characterization of those designated the distinct statuses of "migrant," "refugee," "asylum seeker," and "illegal" at the beginning of the millenium.  Ljudmila has published on documentaries by Fatih Akin and Andreas Voigt, as well as on the cinema of Rosa von Praunheim and the debates centering around Eastern and Western [Post]Modernism.