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Why study german at pitt?

German stamps


The study of foreign language, literature, and culture is a cornerstone of a liberal arts education, bringing enhanced communication skills, improved ability to analyze and interpret, a better informed understanding of one’s own background, and increased sensitivity for other traditions and values.

In the Department of German, we offer our students a program in German language as well as a variety of academic options that they may pursue in their study of German language and culture: the major, the minor, the German Language Certificate, options for native speakers, and departmental honors.

Career Options

In a world that is increasingly focused on global markets and cross-cultural communication, knowledge of a second language and culture has become a valuable asset to any career. Our students are encouraged to consider the many ways that they can use these skills. Find out what careers you can pursue with a German major.

Scholarships and Awards

The Department of German is grateful for generous gifts from former students and colleagues, who have enabled us to provide financial assistance to some of our very best students as they pursue German studies both on campus in Pittsburgh and abroad. We also are proud to recognize the achievements of a large number of students from elementary through senior-level courses, who are the recipients of awards in the annual departmental essay contest. See available scholarships and awards.

Study Abroad

One of the most valuable experiences for any student of German is to have the opportunity to study abroad at a German-speaking university. Study abroad is not only an excellent linguistic experience, it also enriches personal and intellectual growth. We therefore strongly encourage all of our students to include at least one term of study abroad in their academic program.

German Club

Our department is very fortunate to have an active student-led organization that provides a wide range of extracurricular activities related to the study of German language and culture. Visit the German Club Web site.